Every action you take in a browser can be automated

We are a specialized team that has been providing web automation and data scraping services for over 3 years. During this time, we learned the best automation techniques. Our solutions are fast and efficient.


Our main specialization is providing advanced Ipswitch® iMacros® scripts



Manage tasks that we will automate for you, and perform them only when you really need it with one click. We can also automate the execution of tasks according to your schedule - you won't have to click even once.


Social media are playing an increasingly important role in society, and we know that taking actions takes a long time. We will help you automate your tasks on all leading social networking sites.


If you have to visit a page every day to download files, we will help you perform this task automatically, without taking your attention. Control the browser (via an API) and automate upload/download of data via a local, Intranet or Internet web interface.


We can automate the filling of forms, and orders based on a data source. All you have to do is provide a data source. Automatic ordering has never been easier. Gather and integrate price, quantity, item name, description, etc., from a supplier’s website. In addition, we can automate sending emails after completing the steps.


We can perform data scraping from almost any web page. Data can be saved to a file, transferred to another page or even sent by email. Extract online pricing data from a competitor’s website, subtract one cent and add it to your online store.


Writing a fully functional script using the iim, js or vbs language​

Software installation (via Teamviewer)*​

Implementation of the written script

30 days technical support (expandable)

*We do not distribute Ipswitch® iMacros® software licenses. To install the software you must first purchase the license on the official website

We are not related to the Ipswitch®  iMacros® product. We only provide a service based on the iMacros® software.

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