COTPS Trading Bot

Receive from LV1-LV3, sell, and more, using my robust and maintenance-free bot.

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iMacros for palemoon

One-click to run solution

If you don't have time to trade manually on the COTPS platform, this tool is for you. My bot can run 24/7 without any maintenance

What this program will do for you ?

1. Login to Cotps account.

2. Open team tab and Receive from each level (1-3)

3. Open transaction hall and create sell order until your wallet balance is 5.

4. Logout from the account.

5. Login to next account (if enabled)

6. Repeat all steps for account 2 (if enabled)

7. Repeat all steps for account 3 (if enabled)

8. Then it will wait time specified, and repeat everything.


In this video you can see how the bot works in hedless mode (in the background)