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What's New in iMacros 12.6

Updated: Jun 26

Available immediately, iMacros 12.6 is a maintenance release that delivers a number of fixes for existing issues in addition to a few new features.

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This release introduces the ability to create playlists for running a collection of macros together. With this functionality, Professional and Enterprise Edition customers can quickly and easily play a sequence of macros – including looping individual macros within the sequence – using either the iMacros GUI or command line. Other improvements include enhancements to the Enterprise scripting interface (API) as well as the ability to enter encrypted content (e.g. passwords) using DirectScreen and IMAGECLICK commands. See below for more highlights in this release.

New Features

  • Create Playlists to run a sequence of macros from the GUI or command line

  • Automate Printing to PDF/XPS files using Microsoft native print drivers

  • Support Encrypted Content (i.e. passwords) with DirectScreen and IMAGECLICK commands

  • Encrypt the iMacros Master Password with Windows user credentials

  • Directly Retrieve Macro Variable Values with the new iimGet() API method

Bug Fixes

  • Print dialog not handled in iMacros for IE

  • Javascript dialogs not handled in non-English Windows after Win10/IE update (update 1903)

  • Changing IE default download folder breaks ONDOWNLOAD

  • Multiple iMacros Editor fixes

  • Setting !WINDOW_TITLE breaks upload functionality.


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